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New Features from Artlantis

Site insertion tool

A unique feature of Artlantis 2019, this essential tool allows you to visualize a building project in the context of its future site for building permits or insert it into an image of the 3D model.

The method for calculating the site insertion has been completely redesigned for a simpler and easier use, with step-by-step settings to guide you through the process. The results are immediately displayed in the preview window.



3D Grass

Artlantis 2019 includes new shaders that help generate 3D grass, enhancing the realism of the scene.



Vegetation tool

Artlantis offers a new tool allowing you to blanket a pre-defined area with a selection of 3D vegetation.



Media catalog

Large choice of additional tree varieties, as well as characters and vehicles.



Automatic exposure

As a default setting, the automatic adjustment of the camera allows you to calculate the exposure accurately. Your scenes are never under-exposed or over-exposed – scenes automatically benefit from the best exposure possible.