How should I use BIM Server Libraries in my project?

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To use a BIM Server Library in either a teamwork project or a solo project, the library must first be uploaded to a BIM Server, using Manage BIM Server Libraries (file > libraries and objects > manage BIM Server libraries). Once libraries are uploaded, individual users can add these BIM Server Libraries to projects, either solo or teamwork.

It is best to store the libraries a teamwork project uses on the BIM Server where the teamwork project is stored. As you add BIM Servers to balance your project loads make sure that each BIM Server is self-containing. In this way if you have a service interruption on a BIM Server for any particular reason your users can switch to using a different BIM Server. This is a form of risk management. If projects use libraries from other BIM Servers you have increased the risk of a service interruption on one machine indirectly affecting the use of projects on other machines.