How do I know which keys are available to me?

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The License Manager Tool lists the keys that are available to you (either physically plugged in to your computer, or accessible as software keys). You can tell which kind you have by the icon:
This is a CodeMeter (Hardware-Based) protection key.
This is a WIBU (Hardware-Based) protection key.
This is a software key that has been downloaded to your computer.
This software key is located in the company licence pool.

I downloaded my software key, but the application isn’t working.
It may be that your software key is “broken” – that is, your computer’s software or hardware configuration has changed, and the key no longer recognises your computer. In this case, you need to repair the software key.
Start the Licence Manager Tool.
Check the list of available protection keys.
Check the status messages: you will be alerted that a software key needs to be repaired.
Follow the directions to repair it.

The Licence Manager Tool says “Cannot Access Server.”
It may be that your network is protected by a firewall or proxy server which blocks the Licence Manager Tool. For a list of services that must be accessible by Licence Manager Tool, see the Service Connections section under System Requirements.

I don’t see my software keys listed in the company licence pool.
The Licence Manager Tool only lists keys in the pool if you have signed up with your GRAPHISOFT ID.
Also, it is possible that you have not been assigned a software key. To check for keys and their statuses, use your GRAPHISOFT ID to sign in to the company licence pool.
See managing the company licence pool.

I just uploaded a software key to the licence pool, but it’s not listed there.
After the upload process, you must wait a few minutes before the software key is available. Click refresh on the Licence Manager Tool interface to see the list of available keys.