How do I add a BIM Server Library to my teamwork project?

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To add a BIM Server Library to a teamwork project, you must first reserve the BIM Server Libraries in Library Manager. (In a solo project, you do not need to reserve anything to add a BIM Server to the project.) Adding a library to a project can be done by any teamwork user, provided that their role allows for this.

  1. Open Library Manager (file > libraries and objects > Library Manager).
  2. Select “BIM Server Libraries” (either the root folder or any of the listed BIM Server Libraries) from the hierarchy. The control lights appear.
  3. Click reserve. Reserving the “BIM Server Libraries” in Library Manager enables you to add such libraries to your project without running into conflicts with other teamwork users.
  4. From the pop-up alongside the add button, choose use BIM Server Library.
  5. Choose a BIM Server (enter username and password as necessary). The list of libraries uploaded to that server appears.
  6. Choose a library and click add.
  7. When you are done adding, release the BIM Server Libraries item in Library Manager.