How can I move embedded objects from one project to another?

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Embedded objects exist in their particular project only; there is no file link. As a rule, you should embed only those objects that are project-specific. If you want to use a custom object in several projects, it is better to place it into a company library stored on a BIM Server that is accessible to all users, rather than save it to an Embedded Library.

Nevertheless, there are two ways to achieve this:

First method: export an embedded object to location on your hard drive, and then add it to the Embedded Library of another project.

Select the embedded object in Library Manager, in the first project. (If you are in teamwork mode, you must first reserve the object.)

Use the export icon in Library Manager to export the object to a local folder. Browse for or create the location to which to save the object.

In the second project, use Library Manager’s add function to browse to the file and add it to the Embedded Library.

Second method: The project that contains the embedded objects you need should be Hotlinked to your current project.

In your project, place the source project (the one that contains the objects you need) as a Hotlinked Module.

The Hotlinked Module’s embedded library will be added to your Embedded Library.

In Hotlink Manager, break the hotlink.

The embedded objects are now full-fledged components of your Embedded Library.

* Using hotlink is a trick to preserve the tree hierarchy of the Embedded Library. It is not possible to ‘add’ existing folders that reside on a disk to your Embedded Library through the Library Manager.