BIMcloud as a Service (BIMcloud aaS)

GRAPHISOFT SA proudly offers BIMcloud as a Service (BIMcloud aaS) to revolutionise the way architects use the cloud. BIMcloud allows users to collaborate in real-time (from any device over any network), on a secure platform to facilitate teamwork and share projects.

Service subscribers get the very best of BIMcloud. In less than an hour, you can be up and running, start accessing your own private BIMcloud server (hosted by GRAPHISOFT in the Google Cloud Platform) with no IT setup required!

Free 60-day Access  

ARCHICAD users are entitled to 60 days free access to the service to help clients that are working remotely (during the COVID-19 pandemic) and need a means of facilitating teamwork from different locations. GRAPHISOFT is offering free BIMcloud as a Service for 60 days, until 31 May 2020. To register, you will need your GRAPHISOFT ID and credit card details (the first 60 days  are free). You can choose to continue your BIMcloud service after the 60 days (€68/month/user) or, alternatively, you can choose to cancel the subscription.

Start Your Free 60-day Access

  1. Start your BIMcloud as a Service subscription: Register Here (The first user is, with the associated GRAPHISOFT ID, is admin by default).
  2. Login to your BIMcloud as an administrator – Access your new BIMcloud using this link: (“myarchitecturalfirm” should be replaced with the name of your business).
  3. Add users – Users can either be created or imported from a previous BIMcloud.

Using BIMcloud

  1. Upload content to your BIMcloud – Connect to BIMcloud from ARCHICAD (log in to your new BIMcloud from Teamwork > Project > Open / Join Teamwork Projects). Share an empty or an existing solo ARCHICAD Project file (.pln) in ARCHICAD, then go to Teamwork > Project > Share
  2. Working in Teamwork – Go to Teamwork > Teamwork Palette to access all necessary functions of Teamwork easily. Please note that the same user cannot be logged in in the same project on different computers at the same time.
  3. Back up your projects – Save frequently (this will save a local cache of the project, changes will not be sent to BIMcloud.) Send and Receive (to synchronise with your BIMcloud). Save a .pln from each active project daily.

For more information about BIMcloud as a Service or your free 60-day access, please contact your nearest GRAPHISOFT SA office or visit’s Knowledge Base.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a credit card to sign up for the 60-day free emergency access? Will I be charged after 60 days?
    Yes – you need a GRAPHISOFT ID and a valid credit card to start your 60-day emergency access to BIMcloud as a Service. If you choose to continue the service after the free 60 days, you do not have to do anything; your access will automatically turn into a monthly subscription and your credit card will get charged.
  2. Will I get a notification before my 60 days expire? Can I opt out?
    You will get multiple email notifications before your 60-day free period expires. You are free to opt out at any point during the 60 days.
  3. What is the cost after 60 days?
    It is €68/month/user.
  4. Is a yearly plan available?
    Currently, there is only a monthly plan for emergency access. We are considering introducing a yearly plan after the emergency period is over for users who decide to stay on BIMcloud as a Service.
  5. When does my free 60-day period start?
    On the day you start your free access.
  6. How long will the 60-day emergency access offer be available? Can I start my service a month from now?
    The 60-day free BIMcloud as a Service offer is valid until 31 May 2020.
  7. I already have an active BIMcloud as a Service subscription. Will I get 2 free months?
    You cannot have 2 active BIMcloud as a Service at the same time. You can only start your emergency access if you cancel your other active BIMcloud as a Service.
  8. We have 10 ARCHICAD licences that we share across 15 different users in the office. How many BIMcloud User Licences do I need?
    You will probably need only 10 – you should get as many BIMcloud User Licences as many concurrent users need access to Teamwork. You can still give access to all 15 users to your shared Teamwork files on your BIMcloud, but only 10 of them will be able to work concurrently with 10 BIMcloud Licences.
  9. Can I change the number of BIMcloud User Licences after I have already started the service?
    Yes – you can change the number of BIMcloud User Licences through the webshop interface. If you add more BIMcloud User Licences, the change becomes effective the next day. If you reduce the number of BIMcloud User Licences, the changes will be effective from the next billing period (following month).
  10. Does BIMcloud as a Service provide the same functionality as the on-premise BIMcloud?
    Yes, BIMcloud as a Service is a fully-functional BIMcloud and includes all the “premium” features of BIMcloud over the standard features of BIMcloud Basic. See a feature comparison between BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic here:
  11. I tried signing up for the Emergency BIMcloud as a Service, but I was told I need to create a new GRAPHISOFT ID. Why is this?
    This happens when your existing GRAPHISOFT ID is associated with a company that is outside the UK. The Emergency BIMcloud as a Service “webshop” is technically operating in the UK, and as such, you will need a GRAPHISOFT ID that is registered in the UK. This is a technical limitation that GRAPHISOFT is actively working to remove in the near future.
  12. If I start my free access, how soon is the service available? Will I be able to start working the same day?
    Usually, the BIMcloud service becomes available in 15 minutes and you can immediately start adding users and projects to the BIMcloud. However, due to the coronavirus situation, data centers around the world are experiencing unusually high traffic, and it may happen that the necessary infrastructure to start the service is not available immediately. In such a case, it may take until the next day, or in the worst case even several days to secure the necessary resources in the data center to start the service.
  13. How difficult is it to set up BIMcloud as a Service? Do I need IT knowledge?
    You do not need any IT knowledge. All the setup and maintenance of the server is handled by GRAPHISOFT. You are, however, the administrator of your BIMcloud. Once you start your service, you will have access to the web-based management interface of BIMcloud, where you can manage users and projects the same way you managed your on-premise BIMcloud.
  14. Where are the BIMcloud servers hosted? Should I expect latency in the service?
    GRAPHISOFT currently operates BIMcloud as a Service on the Google Cloud Platform. In practice, it means that your BIMcloud will be hosted on the same infrastructure that runs Gmail or YouTube. The system automatically selects the data center nearest you to minimize latency.
  15. What are the technical specs of the cloud-hosted BIMcloud servers?
    The exact specs of the system cannot be specified, as the system is designed to scale up or down as traffic requires it.
  16. What ARCHICAD versions are compatible with BIMcloud as a Service?
    As a full-featured BIMcloud, it supports all language versions of ARCHICAD 20, 21, 22 and 23.
  17. Does BIMcloud as a Service work with Emergency ARCHICAD licences?
  18. How do I have access to my data on BIMcloud as a Service?
    You can access your BIMcloud through ARCHICAD or through the web-based admin interface. Think of BIMcloud as a Service as your own private BIMcloud server in the cloud. The GRAPHISOFT ID account you provide at sign-up will become a full-privilege administrator of your BIMcloud in the cloud and you will be able to perform the same management tasks as the administrator of an on-premise BIMcloud.
  19. Can I transfer users and projects from an existing BIMcloud server?
    Yes – through the web admin interface you are able to import users and projects exported from a different BIMcloud.
  20. If after the free 60-day period I choose to cancel my BIMcloud as a Service access, how will I be able to transfer my projects back to my on-premise server?
    After you cancel your subscription, you will have 14 days’ access to your BIMcloud as an administrator, which should be plenty of time to export your projects. You can export users, roles, projects and libraries from the browser-based interface and import these on your on-premises BIMcloud or BIMcloud Basic. You can also just save your running projects as .PLN files from ARCHICAD.
  21. Can I save backups to my on-premise file storage?
    This is not currently an option in BIMcloud as a Service. We do recommend that you save daily .PLN files in ARCHICAD which you keep as local backups in case there are technical issues with BIMcloud as a Service.
  22. Where should I store linked files (e.g. external drawings) of BIMcloud projects?
    You must keep these files on a file server that the ARCHICAD clients can access over the Internet. If that is not an option, then external content either needs to be embedded in the project or linked from BIMcloud (hotlinking Teamwork projects). Content can also be linked from the local computer where ARCHICAD runs, but in this case the source will be only available for the user who linked it.
  23. What happens to my data if the Internet is down?
    A copy of the project file you are working on is duplicated on your local machine in a “local cache” file. If you lose connection to the server (ARCHICAD is in “offline mode”) it is best practice to save a .PLN file as a backup point. You can also continue working on this .PLN file, knowing that it is now only you making changes to the file. Save often; send & receive often; and save daily .PLN backups.
  24. Where do I get technical support for BIMcloud as a Service?
    For technical support, contact your local GRAPHISOFT technical support channels.