BIM Server has a new name: BIMcloud Basic

• Free Teamwork now has a new name: BIMcloud Basic.

• BIM Server has been based on BIMcloud technology for many years.

• BIMcloud has a free product plan called BIMcloud Basic.

• The BIMcloud Basic product plan matches the functions of the former BIM Server.

• BIMcloud Basic requires no license, just a free activation.

Check out BIMcloud Basic

One BIMcloud Basic, one ARCHICAD version

• One BIMcloud Basic supports one ARCHICAD version, starting with ARCHICAD 19

• You can decide during the installation process which ARCHICAD version to support

• You can run multiple copies of BIMcloud Basic on a single machine

• We recommend users of BIM Server 19, 20, 21 to upgrade to BIMcloud Basic

BIMcloud Basic is the recommended, free upgrade for BIM Server users

• BIM Server will not be updated in the future

• All bugfixes will be included in BIMcloud releases

• To receive updates, we recommend BIM Server users to upgrade to BIMcloud Basic

• BIMcloud Basic can easily be upgraded to BIMcloud, without installation.

• Users can pilot the full feature set of BIMcloud by acquiring a pilot license from your local GRAPHISOFT partner; at the end of the pilot period, users can choose to buy BIMcloud or revert to the Basic feature set without re-installing.

BIMcloud Basic requires no license, just a free activation

• BIMcloud will have quarterly releases

• Releases will contain new features as well as bugfixes

• There is a single BIMcloud installer; no separate update packages

• Release names will include year and release number (e.g. 2018.1, 2018.2, etc.)

• BIMcloud releases are independent from ARCHICAD versions and updates