We have suspended the release of ARCHICAD 21 Update 5010 package and marked all downloads as recalled, due to a recently discovered error that affects stairs. The Check for Updates feature will no longer offer the Update 5010 package for download.

Symptoms we are currently aware of, mainly affecting the floor plan display of stairs:

Stairs may become invisible on floor plan
Parts of stairs may become invisible
Sub elements of stairs may become uneditable
Unrelated GDL objects may appear as available sub elements for stairs
The error appears when a project is opened with ARCHICAD 21 Update 5010. Thus, we strongly advise against migrating to this version until the results of our development team’s investigation.
For those customers who have already updated to build 5010, we recommend that they continue using build 5010, because rolling back to build 4022 may result in crashes.

We will collect the latest information about this problem in our corresponding Help Center article.