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ARCHICAD 21 Library Update Released

Date: Thursday, November 9, 2017

In this Update we extended the ARCHICAD 21 library with additional content to provide more flexibility with the new Stair & Railing Tools:

  • Stair Tread: new ‘Custom profiled’ accessory introduced
  • Stair Tread: new ‘Raised strip for tread edge’ accessory introduced
  • Stair Structure – Stringer: secondary support introduced
  • Stair Structure – Cantilevered: new ‘Rod’ accessory introduced (for stairs with stringers)
  • Stair: 3D hotspots for beams and stringers in 3D and Sections/Elevations
  • Stair: Special label introduced: dimensions and stair rules can be listed out
  • Railing Panel: new ‘Wall panel’ introduced
  • Railing: the Settings Interface has new design in some places.

This Library Update is currently available from ARCHICAD’s Check for Updates function for the INT version.