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BIM Server Update For ARCHICAD 19 and 20

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We are releasing a BIM Server only update for both version 19 and 20 to address a regression error introduced with the latest updates: v20 Update 4012, v19 Update 7006.

As a result of this particular error the default project permission entry becomes hidden in the BIM Server Manager’s web user interface. This makes it difficult to identify the effective user permissions of projects. For further details please consult the corresponding Help Center article:

Please note, that:

  • these updates are not cumulative. BIM Server 19 Update 7006/BIM Server 20 Update 4012 needs to be installed before applying these.
  • these updates maintain compatibility with latest ARCHICAD updates: ARCHICAD v20 Update 4012 and v19 Update 7006.

Download links: