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NEW TOOL: Bimbakery Site Area Tool

Date: Monday, January 18, 2016

You have been given an empty canvas that is a new architectural project and you are excited to jump right into the conceptual design process. You jump straight into your precedent analysis and begin to develop your idealistic narrative to impress your clients with your architectural language and vision through your design response. As you move into understanding the constraints of your site, you are constantly aware of the presentation and documentation required to share your thinking.

The industry, filled with deadlines has taught us to quickly to complete the mundane items first to take advantage of ones early enthusiasm for a project. Completing title blocks, client information, area schedules, site layouts, etc when a deadlines is upon you simply takes time away from actual presentation time, and adds unnecessary pressure.

We have therefore focused some development in response to this methodology to ensure an efficient use of time when the pressure is on. The ‘site area tool’ along with our ModelView Option, focuses on streamlining your information flow.

So what information are we focusing on?

Regional project information:

Regional zoning information:

How do I use the MVO information?

In short, we have focused on an ‘all-in-one’ tool to generate your site plan documentation and area schedule with the least amount of effort, and the most amount of accuracy. This is achieved through automatic calculations and population of an area schedule based on a combination of the site geometry and the zoning information placed in the MVO.

This smart tool features functionality such as:

  • Automatic boundary calculations
  • North stamp based on project north
  • Automatic building line setup information and labelling
  • ModelViewOptions connections for global project changes
  • Automatic FAR and Coverage calculations based on the defined geometry and the MVO zoning
  • Graphical corner beacon definition


View a Quick Video Demo


  • Can I customise the information in the schedule? YES, you can control the buildup of the information your require.
  • Can I customise the look of the schedule. YES, within the defined format.
  • What if I want a unique area schedule layout as per my company standard? You can contact for customised development works.
  • Can I add multiple footprints on different floors? Yes.
  • Can I control what footprints are calculated in FAR / Coverage? Yes.
  • Will there be ongoing development on this tool? Yes.
  • Is this tool #FreeForStudents for students? Yes.

How do I get this tool?

This tool will be available through our online store, and will form part of our full library.