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ARCHICAD 19 Update 4011

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This Update contains many Teamwork and BIM Server related and other improvements since the original release of ARCHICAD 19 (Build 3003). Also this Update makes ARCHICAD 19 compatible with MAC OS X 10.11. 

To download ARCHICAD 19 Update 4011click here

Update package Build 4011 contains ARCHICAD and BIM Server build 4006 and BIM Server Manager build 4011. This means that:

  • The package build number (registered in the ProductVersion.xml) is 4011
  • BIM Server build number is 4006
  • BIM Server Manager is 4011
  • ARCHICAD.exe build number is 4006.

Note that the “About ARCHICAD” splash screen will correctly display build 4011. Due to an error, License Information dialog will show build 4006.

The Update applies to ARCHICAD, BIM Server and all other components: BIMx, MEP Modeler and all GRAPHISOFT-distributed Add-Ons and Goodies. It applies to all (Commercial, Educational and Trial) license types.

Additional information:

If you’ve updated to Update Build 4011 for your ARCHICAD 19, you might have noticed wrong feedback and placement of elements in certain circumstances during offsetting them. To work-around the problem users need to click carefully on the edges and make sure that the cursor is exactly above the edge or node.


Click here to find out more about this issue and it’s workaround.