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SA Template

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Level 1 Material Catalogue: 

Turn your BIM model into a BEM model

Improve your building performance by apply updated, local, quality materials within your workflow. Know your building’s performance from its conceptual phase, improve on its Carbon footprint by choosing and assigning the best materials along with their performance values. All from within ArchiCAD.

What does the Material Catalogue mean to/for :

ArchiCAD - Unlike any of our competitors’ software, ArchiCAD by default has material catalogues, performance values, and data already assigned to all of its 3D and BIM modelling elements already associated to them. Meaning our users already Design Green.

Clients - For Professional the materials they specify when designing, can prove for a great design as well as a great performing building. The materials chosen along with their performance values, stand to to define whether their design is compliant or not

Built Environment - Green Architecture, Green buildings and a Green way of life are not a new concern for all of us. Using SABS approved and SANS regulated materials goes a long way in ensuring that we preserve our natural resources, by reducing the carbon footprint in our design.

What is the vision and plan behind TotalCAD Solution Centre’s SA Template, more specifically their Materials Catalogue?

Like most of ArchiCAD’s tools and elements, the Materials Catalogue offers limitless possibilities for deemed to satisfy, rational Design as well as a Green approach. TotalCAD Solution Centre sought an investigation into these Material catalogues, for the greater purpose for the people in South Africa, SADC nations and the world. To try and improve the designs and workflows of our ArchiCAD users, we felt that the catalogues
should be made available within the software.

Users will be able to search for materials based on the SANS or Manufacturer publications and regulations

What are the rules to consider when working and using the Catalogue and Attributes?

There are two simple rules to keep in mind when using building materials.


When using the Attribute Manager to add the South African Building materials into your project, you should add by Index only. This will prevent any future collaboration or ArchiCAD migration conflicts.

AC Users, Manufacturers, & Standards

When using the SA Template there are structures set in place to accommodate for any future growth and new discovery of materials in the built environment. Those structures give the users the freedom to customise and naming conventions without any future conflicts.

Users are given Over 60 default Building materials to choose from and additional +900 to use however they choose

Publications from SANS, SABS, and Agrement (to name a few) will be given Index numbers 1000-1999. The assignment of the Batch numbers for the different publications will be managed by TotalCAD Solution Centre and shared with the developers

The next batch of numbers will be reserved for Manufacturers. For Manufacturers and their material Catalogues to be included in the SA Template, an application from them and their developers is to be made to TotalCAD Solution Centre for the reservation of Index ID

BIM Local

Focus on your design with a peace of mind. No-more subscribing to newsletters to try and keep-up on the latest or upcoming specification changes from the different manufacturers, enjoy the latest all within your ArchiCAD

What is BIM Local?

  • BIM local has been chosen by TotalCAD Solution Centre as the online portal, housing manufacturer data and specification sheets for all of Southern Africa's ArchiCAD users. Designers and developers will be able to connect their Archicad objects to manufacturer data on BIM Local
  • Manufacturers will be able to connect and publish their latest specifications, and update immediately on BIM local. keeping ArchiCAD users information up-to-date and accurate to the latest publication
  • Connecting Manufacturers with Professionals.
  • Live and up-to-date
  • Access for Developers to connect their GDL objects to manufacturer specific data.

Distribution and Maintenance

Attribute files will be shared online with monthly - quarterly updates conducted by the developers and the team at TotalCAD Solution Centre

Visit Bim.local:

What are the processes that the users must follow, and what are the benefits they are getting?

  • Users are to add the TotalCAD Solution Centre SA Template folder onto their google drive, open up the library manager and add the Library files from your Google Drive folder onto your project. To make sure that you enjoy the latest and updated Manufacturer, SANS or SABS catalogues, keep your Google Drive folder synchronised always, Sourced information for the attributes
  • Up to date Manufacture specific materials and catalogues
  • Green approach
  • compliant
  • free for SSA
  • discounted rate off service contract when you use the SA Template.

For more information about TotalCAD:


What are the Naming conventions?

i.e : ZA - SANS 10400 - Part K - Brick Clay

Developers are to submit applications and confirm availability of naming convention with TotalCAD before deployment.