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SA Template and SSA Alignment

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Graphisoft SA has aligned itself with three local businesses to give SADC ArchiCAD users Smart-XA Tools, BimBakery and bim.local.  Some of you have already used (and loved!) the Smart-XA Tool Suite and with more offerings, now you can increase productivity while easing the workload.

Our association with BimBakery is to provide our users with tools that support both user customisable and external data referencing whilst working within the SA Template and Smart-XA Tools Framework.  BimBakery are aligned to provide:

  • Level 2 - Model View Options for Area Calculations;
  • Level 3 - Area-Based Building Cost Calculating; and
  • Level 3 - ArchiCAD Window Objects whose functionality includes:
    • a Low Polygon Count
    • Scale Sensitivity
    • User Design Customisability
    • Manufacturer Data Support

The alliance with BIM.local (an online portal created for certified material performance data) is directly linked to our Building Materials Catalogue where of our three categories (“Custom” contains user-specified content, “Category 2” contains generic SANS data and “Category 3” contains manufacturer-specified data), the SA Template as produced by GSA will be aligned with Category 3.  Manufacturers will be able to log in online and input the data for their specific objects in the format required.

Visit Bim.local: