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Straight From the Masterclass - Tip 1 - "Control Box"

Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2014

With the ArchiCAD Masterclass we have found that there are many tools and features of ArchiCAD that users have forgotten. To help remind you, we will be bringing you a new series of Tips based on comments from the participants.

Some of ArchiCAD Drafting aides are usually shown on a Standard Tool Bar, e.g. Guide Lines, Special Snap Points, Enable/Suspend Groups etc. Even though there may be a number of ways to access and edit these drafting aids, one of the quickest way is through the Control Box which I have seen most ArchiCAD Users are not aware of, or rather have forgotten.

To access the control box go to Window > Palettes > Control Box.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.33.42 PM

A Typical Example, Draw a straight single wall. Then on the Control Box press and hold the Special Points Icon and select the second icon on the Pop up, it means "Along Entire Element"


And on the right side of the icon there is a down-arrow click and select Percentage on the list shown, then type 20 in the percentage field and hover a cursor on the edge of the wall. A 20 % mark will be shown and you can start Drawing from there.


There is a number of Drafting aids on the control box shown as icons. see annotated screenshot above.