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Celebrating ArchiCAD People

Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In the spirit of getting to know our clients, we will celebrating our clients, giving you a new insight into TotalCAD's Team and an interview with  one of our valued resellers every month.

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Celebrated User

Raymond Bouma 1Our celebrated user for the month is Raymond Bouma from Naude & Bouma Architects in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.
Look out for Raymond's design on our new t-shirts for our Masterclass participants.  Every celebrated user will have their work featured on our merchandise for an exclusive one month period.
Raymond's featured project is the V & A Waterfront Gateway Precinct.
A.05 Layout _ LayoutFull Names: Raymond Bouma Age: 69 Where do you live? Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch Do you have children?  Yes, a daughter in Dubai and a son in London Where did you study? University of Cape Town What did you study? Architecture What’s your link to ArchiCAD? t shirt 1 I use ArchiCAD about every day, from concept drawings to detail drawings.  The program handles like a computer game.  You can design about anything practical and I often trick the program to get the desired result. What was your first version of ArchiCAD? ArchiCAD 9 and introduced to me by Dean Naidoo.  Dean started his talk by saying “The program is so easy, I have even taught a 60-year-old”.  Dean did not know that I’d just turned 60. (I was used to the term “5-year-old”) Most Notable Project in ArchiCAD and why? One project was different, a master plan, working together with our son, who is a building economist.  In ArchiCAD we were able toA.05 Layout _ Layout do plans, 3D’s and area calculations all at the same time. In one weekend we produced a workable document.  Another project was my first house done from sketch to detail drawings, including energy calculations in ArchiCAD. This house is special as it is half underground, modern and in the Historical Core of Stellenbosch. What is your favourite feature of ArchiCAD (past and present)? The instant 3D and the Help in emergencies. James Bond or Indiana Jones? James Bond Reading or Playing sport? Reading sometimes Die Hard or Iron Man? Neither, I had to look them up on Google. Ice cream or cake? Wow, both! Beach or Mountains? Mountains Curry or Roast Chicken? Roast Chicken any day.

Meet the Team...

IMG_3737Dean Naidoo is TotalCAD Solution Centre's Business Manager and has been with the company for 11 years.
Full Names:  Dean Naidoo Age:  32  Position at TotalCAD : Business Manager  Where do you live? in a Tent :)  Do you have children?  Yebo, 2  Where did you study? IT Intellect & UNISA  What did you study? MCSD, BComm. Informatics  What’s your link to ArchiCAD? Started at TCSC some 13 years ago as an
admin assistant.  My very first task was sending out Christmas cards to our clients... Moved on to become an ArchiFM programmer & presenter, in-house CRM developer,  ArchiCAD Tech Support Agent, Website Designer,  ArchiCAD trainer, Sales Consultant and now Manager.  I was convinced ArchiCAD was something special after my very first training session, attendees were mind-blown at the 3D, automatic documentation and ease of use… these every day challenges faced by Architects was all new to me having had no formal education in Architecture.  What motivates you?
To see where we are today and know where we’ve been. ArchiCAD is growing rapidly in Southern Africa and I’m so glad to be a part of this revolution.IMG_4609 1  I’ve always told potential clients and new users to begin their very first project with an open mind, take full advantage of the technical resources available, persevere through initial challenges and adopt change.  Once you unleash the power and control from having a BIM model there’s no turning back!  What was your first version of ArchiCAD? ArchiCAD 7….. Oh, the internal engine :)  Something we would never guess about you? I sometimes DJ at family functions  Most Notable success in ArchiCAD and why?  Training course in Walvis Bay… I was sent to conduct training for a new user in Namibia. This company used Caddie and AutoCAD for years and had decided to change to ArchiCAD.  The director stopped production and closed the office for the week-long course.   After 5 long days of intensive training all users were proficient at Level 3, including the director.  I contacted the users the following week for an update… I was delighted to hear that the director instructed that all current drawings be converted and Caddie / AutoCAD uninstalled.  Today they remain one of our most loyal clients.  James Bond or Indiana Jones? Bond… James Bond  Reading or Playing sport? Is braaing an official sport yet?  Die Hard or Iron Man? Die Hard Ice cream or cake? Neither  Beach or Mountains? Mountains… no need for the sun tan  Curry or Roast Chicken? Duh… Indian guy from Durban

Featured Reseller 

[caption id="attachment_4794" align="alignleft" width="223"]Featured Reseller Featured Reseller[/caption]
Our reseller this month is Natalie Hopkins. As one of our newest resellers, she has swung onto the scene with a vibrant and fun personality and a never-ending supply of energy.
Full Names: Natalie-Anne Hopkins  Age: 37  Where do you live? Morningside, Durban  Do you have children?   Yes, 2  Where did you study? Natal Tech  What did you study? International Marketing Management  What’s your link to ArchiCAD? I dated an Architect, and went through his migration to ArchiCAD and Mac.  It was a very memorable period in our relationship as we almost didn't make it through the learning curve.  I am now married to that same Architect and he is one of the BIGGEST Fans of the software. _MK30158 I'm about processes so I didn't need too much more convincing.  What was your first version of ArchiCAD? ArchiCAD 11 through Shawn and every box since has been a celebration  Most Notable ArchiCAD sale and why? Every sale at this point. You know you about to go on a journey with this person/team.  James Bond or Indiana Jones? James Bond  Reading or Playing sport? Reading  Die Hard or Iron Man? Iron Man  Ice cream or cake? Ice Cream  Beach or Mountains? Island - which is both Mountain and Beach  Curry or Roast Chicken? Curry