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Create a Patch With a Composite Profile

Date: Friday, May 30, 2014

Connecting two plastered composite walls in a linear may poseScreen_Shot_2014-05-26_at_11.54.03 some technicalities in the sense that the plaster will not cover the connecting potion of the thicker wall hence leaving one to opt to a workaround that may not be fully functional. Sometimes we may want to draw a plaster manually with documentation line, a wall, a fill etc. and this workaround may not be structurally correct because we may find unwanted lines cutting through our intersections or not showing in 3D.

There is a workaround with a use of a Complex Profile, we may compose a Column with a thickness of the wall finish and the same material as our wall finish.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 12.22.11

A Profile Manager Dialogue Box Will Pop Up, Click Edit Profile To Bring Profile Editor window, Here you can define a profile with Fills and you may use Lines as constructions guide. Select Column in a Profile Manager as an Element for creating a profile. Using a Fill ( make sure to assign matching materials) from a Toolbox define a desired profile in a Profile Editor window. After creating a profile Click Store Profile and name it.


Now to place your profile, Open Column Default Settings dialogue box Select a complex profile structure then Click the arrow to show stored profiles. Select a newly created profile Click OK and place on the walls to show as Finish.


After placing a column the connections will show correctly both in 3D and Floor plan.

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Find Video from the following link: