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AmaShova Team secures first Internship!!!

Date: Friday, October 18, 2013

Philip Rutkiewicz Team Graphisoft SA has just completed their first major race and guaranteed one student a month-long internship at a commercial client! There was loads of friendly banter prior to the race and with Philip and Cobus being our two licensed riders, the race was on long before the start line! Cobus took this one (Philip has vowed retribution!) by a mere 3 minutes and most of our riders were back in Durban long before lunch.  Well done to every person in the Team for finishing the race! For a list of the stats, please see the table below. We're looking forward to seeing many of you at the next race - 94.7 Cycle Challenge, Gauteng - 17th November 2013. Team Graphisoft SA rides for one purpose - To grow ArchiCAD knowledge in the SADC region and we plan to do this with our Graphisoft Educational Programme.  For every major race that Team Graphisoft SA completes, Graphisoft will send ONE student from the "notable entries" (SADC region-wide) on a month-long Internship at a commercial Client! 100_2320 The Educational Programme for 2014 has begun and we are currently endeavouring to sign up participating institutions as the internships directly benefits clients, institutions and most importantly students. 100_2329 As part of this endeavour to give back to and support the educational sector, we are providing the participating institutions with educational licensing, ArchiCAD Training, Technical Support and workshops and lectures.100_2314 The Educational Programme is made up of two overlapping campaigns: Student internship Campaign - each participating institution runs a student competition in the first term of next year.  Each winner will receive a 6 month / 1 year internship at a participating commercial client and the opportunity to present their work at our ArchiCAD Retreat 2014. 100_2312 University competition - A representative from each participating institution will attend the Retreat as all the winner's work will be judged by the judging panel with one-third of the votes being decided by the delegates. Thank you to the team for securing the first student placement! Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10.55.53 AM