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Cycle with TEAM GRAPHISOFT SA - Illovo/Eston MTB Challenge

Date: Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Illovo/Eston Well done to Gareth Smith on being the first member of Team Graphisoft SA to cross the finish line at the Illovo/Eston MTB Challenge! rob in kitAfter a very late setup time (due to hectic mist and very heavy traffic at 6am!), we managed to get our riders registered and breakfast ready. With our (fav) bacon rolls and juice for the morning, everyone was set to begin a very fun-filled day. Our kits look awesome (check out the event page and below) and Rob shows them off to perfection! Philip did an amazing time (2 hours 41 min) in his 60 km marathon and Levi Perry (Rob's son) was the first rider back in the gazebo. William arrived just in time for the race and discovered the meaning of being late.  After discovering that no ROAG board meant no race, he barely made it back to the start line in time to ride the race. Considering that S'pha never even rode the race and after his "uni-pedal" incident at the last race, William is still one up having completed at least one race for the office! photoWith all the requests we had from cyclists and supporters alike for our "amazing" chicken burgers and wors rolls, we would have made a fortune (sorry guys, maybe next time)! We were glad to welcome not only our riders but also their families and especially their kids, many of whom rode the race. To all our amazing riders - Philip, Eerhard, Rob, Andrew, Alister, Shawn, Tiaan, Courtney, William, André, Emily, Gareth - Hope you all had a great race. To our supporters - Hope everyone had as much fun as we did! — at Illovo/Eston MTB Challenge 2013 photophoto photophoto photo