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Cycle with GRAPHISOFT SA for student exchange

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.53.36 AM "TEAM" GRAPHISOFT SA, a series of cycle event participations sponsored by GRAPHISOFT SA to support SADC ArchiCAD student exchange opportunities.

Join "Team" GRAPHISOFT SA as we cycle to create ArchiCAD student exchange opportunities.

  1. WHO: first and foremost, we need "committed weekend warriors", average cyclists with no Olympic aspirations, to register for participation in 3 regional iconic cycling events, in the colours of GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD
    • Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.53.36 AM
  2. WHAT: the cycling events that are being targeted are:
  3. WHY & HOW: other than for the pure pleasure of participation and ArchiCAD camaraderie, GRAPHISOFT SA are creating student exchange opportunities within the SADC region by means of ArchiCAD competitions within the educational curriculum and now by these sponsored events, how does it work:
    • ArchiCAD User teams are created in each event region, yes, you must be an ArchiCAD user, or the certified employee of an ArchiCAD licensed company
    • GRAPHISOFT SA will "sponsor" each  "Team" GRAPHISOFT SA participating cyclist, with GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD branded cycling shirt and shorts, water bottle and goodie bag (containing 2 preparation race vouchers, plus your intended main race voucher and other general "fun stuff")
    • each race completed by "Team" GRAPHISOFT SA (that's you), will see 1 student, selected from participating educational institutions (institutions who offer ArchiCAD as a formal component in their curriculum and who participate in the 2014 ArchiCAD Student Competition), sponsored for a 1 month exchange (travel, accommodation and remuneration, placed at a suitable ArchiCAD Key Client user office)

ENTER NOW: Do not delay, express your interest now. Due to the race entry logistics, spaces are limited to 8 per race.

We will start processing your participation application immediately, including your specification of your clothing size. Please specify male/female and sizes ranging from XS to XXL. See you at a cycle race soon!