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ArchiCAD 16 Hotfix 3 (Build 3482) Revoked

Date: Monday, February 11, 2013

ArchiCAD 16 Hotfix 3 (Build 3482) has been revoked due to a crash that occurs frequently when someone uses Guide Lines. The Hotfix is no longer available for download. We think there is already a fix, so we hope that a fixed package will be released very soon.

Users can get back to the previous hotfix by going through these steps:

1.       Uninstall and reinstall ArchiCAD 16
2.       Restart the computer
3.       Use Check for Updates in the Help menu to hotfix ArchiCAD 16 with the previous Hotfix (it will guide you to the        previous hotfix) and the current Library Hotfix if there is one for your ArchiCAD localization.
4.       Restart the computer

Important Note for Teamwork users:

Working in Teamwork requires that client ArchiCADs, the BIM Server Manager and the BIM Server all have the identical version number (or “build number”).

If you are running a client ArchiCAD whose version number is different than that of the BIM Server, you cannot continue working in Teamwork until the same hotfix is installed for the BIM Server. (The same is true for all the other client ArchiCADs working from the same BIM Server.)

Therefore, if you decide to update either a client ArchiCAD or a BIM Server, be aware that you must update all clients and the BIM Server so that they share the identical version number.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.