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MEP-modeller tool setup and user instructions

Date: Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here is the license checking, software installation checking, tool activation in ArchiCAD work environment and beginner user instructions for the use of MEP-modeller in ArchiCAD 16: 1. license:

  • verify whether your MEP license has been loaded on your dongle, by logging onto this website with your dongle connected:
  • once there, check whether the MEP license is available on the dongle and ACTIVATED

2. installation of software:

  • you can install MEP on as many workstations as you like
  • the license quantity on the dongle, will allow only "X" instances to be run at a time
  • if you do not have the MEP installer, the instructions and download are here:
  • after installing, a restart of the ArchiCAD software is advised

3. using the tools:

  • the screenshots below clarify the installation of MEP modeller on a workstation as follows:
    • A. refer to the "options menu", "work environment", if you see MEP modeler as a choice, it is installed on that workstation, activate the MEP work environment:
    • B. after activating the work environment, you will see the tool menu change, as per next screenshot, it will now have the MEP tools available for use:
    • C. there is an MEP routing palette which can be opened from the window menu as per the next screenshot:

4. tutorials and user guides: