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Open BIM Program

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2012

Open BIM collaboration has been a mission critical strategy for GRAPHISOFT and many AEC companies in the past years. GRAPHISOFT® together with buildingSMART® International, Tekla® and several leading software vendors joined forces to launch a global program to help promote Open BIM collaboration workflows throughout the AEC industry. GRAPHISOFT has been one of the primary driving forces in the formulation of this program and we are hoping to have initiated a true global industry movement where the "open" approach to interdisciplinary collaboration will ultimately prevail.

The global launch on 13 March by the 10 companies joining in the first round will be the "kick-off" for the program that will provide the framework for ongoing global and local Open BIM activities. One of the upcoming global activities is the Open BIM Live Online Seminar on 27 March featuring Rift Architects that has applied the Open BIM collaboration workflow to design and build a high-end residential complex in the heart of the Oslo fjord in Norway.

 In SADC, we are supporting the move to OPEN BIM, with a series of regional events in March and April 2012, follow this link to register for an event near you. Further, keep an eye on this article for FAQ Updates on OPEN BIM and details of local SADC projects and consultants utilising the technology.


Press Release                                                                                                      March 13, 2012

Open BIM Program for Improved AEC Collaboration 

March 13, 2012 -- buildingSMART® International, GRAPHISOFT®, Tekla® and several leading software vendors joined forces to launch a global program to help promote Open BIM collaboration workflows throughout the AEC industry.  

Open BIM is a universal approach to the collaborative design, realization and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows. Open BIM is an initiative of buildingSMART and several leading software vendors using the open buildingSMART Data Model. 

The Open BIM approach offers key benefits to the stakeholders of building projects:

  • Workflow integration results in greatly reduced coordination errors compared to sheer file exchange-based coordination of the different disciplines.
  • Project members can work with the best-of-breed solutions in their respective fields without risking “incompatibility” hence exclusion from certain BIM projects.
  • Project members can maintain full control over software upgrades independently from their peers on the different AEC projects they participate in.
  • Accessibility of BIM data is provided for the entire lifecycle of buildings including design, construction and operation.

The Open BIM program’s aim is to help coordinate efforts related to the promotion and implementation of Open BIM collaboration workflows by providing common definitions, requirements and branding. AEC software vendors, AEC practices (designers, engineers, contractors) as well as AEC projects are all welcome to participate and use the OPEN BIM logo as a guarantee for successful and streamlined collaboration.

Companies participating in the Open BIM program from day #1 include buildingSMART International, GRAPHISOFT, Tekla, Nemetschek AG, Trimble, Nemetschek Allplan, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., Nemetschek SCIA, Data Design System and Solibri. For more information, please visit:

About buildingSMART

BuildingSMART International Alliance for Interoperability is a neutral, international and unique not-for-profit organization supporting open BIM through the life cycle of a building. BuildingSMART has developed, maintains and issues certifications for the data model standard known as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).

About Tekla

With its software, Tekla drives the evolution of digital information models and thus provides more and more competitive advantage to the construction, infrastructure and energy industries. The company was established already in 1966, and today it has customers in 100 countries, offices in 15 countries, and a global partner network. Tekla became part of Trimble Group in 2011. More information at


GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution with ArchiCAD®, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as the revolutionary GRAPHISOFT BIM Server™, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, and the GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner™, the world's first fully integrated building energy modeling application. GRAPHISOFT’s innovative solutions have fundamentally changed the way architects around the world design and collaborate.  GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.

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