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Mac OS X Lion and ArchiCAD compatibility

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It has always been our opinion that it is not a good idea to be the first to adopt a new Operating Systems when it is first released. The reason for this is there is bound to be issues like compatibility, driver, installation etc. A case in point was when Mac OS X Lion (10.7) was first released we received a number of phone calls from "early adopters" who reported that their ArchiCAD was not recognizing their Wibu or CodeMeter keyplug and opening in "Demo mode". The reason for this is self evident due to the fact that OS X 10.7  is 64-bit and Apple discontinued the Rosetta environment. Therefore these "early adopters" were advised that they needed to download the latest Wibu or CodeMeter keyplug driver compatible with OS X 10.7 directly from WIBU SYSTEMS. Coinciding with the release of OS X 10.7 Graphisoft initially put up a post on ArchiCADWiki with the heading "At this point we do not recommend upgrading to 10.7" and listed several reasons. The biggest problem appeared to be a font related performance issue. But since then Graphisoft have revised and edited the original page on ARCHICAD WIKI. Currently as per the ArchiCAD Wiki website "Supported ArchiCAD versions -  ArchiCAD 14 and ArchiCAD 15 are supported on OS X 10.7 Lion." but they still make reference to: "Font related slowdown on OS X Lion" As per this post it is recommended "The latest OSX update (10.7.2) fixed the problem for most fonts, while the problem still remains with some fonts. Below is a list of these:

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