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ArchiCAD versus Revit 4

Date: Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here it is, instalment 4, remember, we are expressing an OPINION! To get us going today, I found this comment in the LinkedIn ArchiCAD versus Revit group discussion: Christian Gladu • I am a pretty new Archicad user and the software far exceeds my skill level at this point. When I refit my studio 1 1/2 years ago with 3 licenses of Archicad I looked at at Revit,Archicad,Chief Architect and Vector Works. It became very clear immediately that it was really a choice between Archicad and Revit. Both programs have positives and negatives but I liked the Archicad interface and after being held hostage by by the Autodesk monopoly since 1989 I felt like I need a change. I will admit as an employer it is harder to find employees that have Archicad experience and we have had to invest a lot of money in training but the end of the day the product is great and I enjoy the new work flow that BIM requires from conventional 2d drafting with a side of Sketchup.  There is plenty more on the topic there, so feel free to jump in. To shape our minds further, here is page 4 from the article posted by Ransom Ratcliff on 2011-08-08 on our title topic: