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ArchiCAD 15 new features review

Date: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review of ArchiCAD 15 by AEC Bytes magazine. ...Graphisoft usually takes on a specific theme for a new release of ArchiCAD and then tackles that in a very comprehensive manner, such as it did for ArchiCAD 13 with its BIM server and improved model-based collaboration capabilities—which other BIM applications are still attempting to catch up with. ‎...BIM tools such as Revit have greatly improved their conceptual modeling tools in recent releases, but in most cases, the freeform capabilities can only be applied to the conceptual model, which is then used to generate the BIM...resulting in an interrupted, less-than-optimal workflow... ...ArchiCAD has comprehensively addressed what has been one of its main limitations so far: the inability to create freeform BIM elements...In fact, this is a limitation that its main competitors still have, so just as with the BIM server and collaboration enhancements...Graphisoft once again comes out on top with ArchiCAD 15.