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User issues when using AutoCAD

There are a number of issues that users come across when using AutoCAD. Below is a selection taken from the forums with some responses from the ArchiCAD team.

Autodesk subscription fee

Monthly fees vs perpetual licence: Monthly fees eventually break even with perpetual licence, however you never own you licence.

ArchiCAD has a perpetual licence & rental options.

Plans don’t always overlap

User error due some AutoCAD packages that does not contain any tools for 3D modeling or conceptual design, this causes user error due to deadlines or other circumstances to not draw accurately & match views up with other drawings.

Render jobs that were outsourced to us from AutoCAD companies usually had walls & other elements not lining up with the story above when we modelled in 3D, what they provided us with.

AutoCAD IFC export includes mostly 3D data.

Consultant’s require not only the 3D model in an IFC interchangeable model, it requires element specific information for project coordination, for example the Mechanical Engineer’s would like information such as Fire Doors & Fire escape routes information incorporated in the element’s IFC properties.

AutoCAD companies being left behind when in comes to co-ordination jobs.

Due to restrictions in IFC output, AutoCAD companies. When included in co-ordination projects, they still output 2D DWG’s.

Being personally involved in 2 co-ordination projects, I despised receiving 2D information from HVAC & electrical consultants. In both projects the electrical engineer’s provided flat lines for their cable trays, which was very impractical due to other services crossing their allocated ceiling, which is common in co-ordination projects, thus it was a tedious process communicating co-ordination issues back & forth, because due to the 2D nature of their work they were clashing with every other service. The one specific project was already in construction phase and we needed an accurate model to show which equipment needed to be ordered & an accurate as-built FM model.