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Raymond Bouma

Our celebrated user is Raymond Bouma from Naude & Bouma Architects in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. Look out for Raymond’s design on our t-shirts for our Masterclass participants in 2014/2015.  Raymond’s featured project is the V & A Waterfront Gateway Precinct.

Full Names: Raymond Bouma 
Age: 69 

Where do you live?
Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch 

Do you have children?
Yes, a daughter in Dubai and a son in London 

Where did you study?
University of Cape Town What did you study? Architecture 

What’s your link to ArchiCAD?
I use ArchiCAD about every day, from concept drawings to detail drawings.  The program handles like a computer game.  You can design about anything practical and I often trick the program to get the desired result.

What was your first version of ArchiCAD?
ArchiCAD 9 and introduced to me by Dean Naidoo.  Dean started his talk by saying “The program is so easy, I have even taught a 60-year-old”.  Dean did not know that I’d just turned 60. (I was used to the term “5-year-old”) 

Most Notable Project in ArchiCAD and why? 
One project was different, a master plan, working together with our son, who is a building economist.  In ArchiCAD we were able to  do plans, 3D’s and area calculations all at the same time. In one weekend we produced a workable document. Another project was my first house done from sketch to detail drawings, including energy calculations in ArchiCAD. This house is special as it is half underground, modern and in the Historical Core of Stellenbosch. 

What is your favourite feature of ArchiCAD (past and present)? 
The instant 3D and the Help in emergencies.

James Bond or Indiana Jones? 
James Bond

Reading or Playing sport? 
Reading sometimes 

Die Hard or Iron Man? 
Neither, I had to look them up on Google. 

Ice cream or cake? 
Wow, both! 

Beach or Mountains? 

Curry or Roast Chicken? 
Roast Chicken any day.