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Sivewright Avenue Bridge

Bison competition, JACQUES STEYN


Company name: Student at University of the Free State: Jacques Steyn

Project name: PG Bison 1.618 Competition (3rd place)

Project size: 745,5m2

Project date: 6th August 2015

Project location: Sivewright Avenue Bridge, between Fox and Main Street

Project type: Outdoor urban space making

ArchiCAD Project type: Solo

ArchiCAD version started: 18

ArchiCAD version ended: 19


The Brief:

The City of Johannesburg has offered the Maboneng Precinct the space underneath the Sivewright Avenue Bridge, consisting of Berea Road, between Fox and Main Street, to create a commercial zone, with conditions.

The owner of The Bioscope, a small, independent cinema (based in the Maboneng Precinct), has approached the precinct management, with a request to expand The Bioscope’s offering to include an open air style experience. The Maboneng Precinct has agreed and will allow them space within this new zone.

The design requires an open air cinema for a maximum of 80 Patrons, Retail space, Ablutions, Food and beverage area(s).


The proses to become a finalist:

All the students from all over the country gets the PG bison project as a design project at their faculty. After the hand-in, the lecturers chose top 5 students in the class and their projects get entered in the official PG Bison competition. In our faculty it was me, Kobus Spangenberg, Danella Benade, Liezel Rietman and Lea Botha that was chosen as the top 5. PG Bison then chose top 10 from the 100 entries that they received. Those top 10 got invited to the finalist function in Johannesburg where the winner was announced.


General Description:

The project was from the start very conceptual driven. The lecturers kept our focus on finding a solid concept and with that I focused on the idea of representing the Industrial Revolution. When we visited the site in June, I found a lot of rustic coffee shops and industrial craft shops. That was when I realized I need to design something that will bring all these different places and shops together.


To create the industrial Revolution idea I chose to design a steel structure that folds up with the help of pulley systems that run on old traditional steam engines.  Steel screens was used to cover the three lifts and also to define the vertical routes. The design was finished off with wooden cladded floors that gave the perfect contrast between the black painted steel structure and the light brown wooden texture.  


The project consisted of an outdoor cinema space linked to a restaurant space with a view over the cinema. The entire cinema can fold up during the day for when the road is in use. There is also a coffee bar that can lift up and down from the ground floor.  The proposed development has four workshops that can service both the ground- and first floor on the end.


How many people worked on the project?

Just me (one)


Architectural work phases:

•             Start by building a conceptual model and sketching ideas on the side.

•             Take ideas and 3D model it on ArchiCAD.

•             After most main structures and spaces are created, I start to go into the smaller details.

•             I finally end by making photo renders on ArchiCAD and placing them on the final presentation along with the rest of my drawings and ideas that were created in the process.


What other software was involved in developing this project in the office?

•             Sketchup 2015

•             Adobe Photoshop CS6


Why was the decision made to switch or further develop the project to ArchiCAD?

The project was from the start very busy and the structure was all over the place, so I had to create a 3D model to figure out the bigger picture and also to get to the smaller details.


What ArchiCAD tools were used to design the project?

Morph to conceptualize, Beams and columns, import settings (for sketchup).


What would you change or do better next time?

I would use the tools more effective, because with this project I was still learning ArchiCAD.


Project notes or comments:

The viewer must remember that the project is very conceptual, so many of the elements of the design can be seen as unrealistic. The project was also done in a very busy time period and I basically had three days to design and model the entire project on my own.