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Gordon Road Girls' School Learners' Support Centre

All over the world, teachers and parents are becoming aware of learning difficulties amongst children at mainstream schools.

Many parents are faced with the decision of moving their children from regular educational environment to expensive remedial facilities - or have them remain in a conventional system without being given the valuable attention necessary to ensure the quality of their future education.

If these issues are not addressed at a primary school level, children with learning setbacks often develop emotional issues as a result.

Gordon Road Girls’ School has recognised these issues and wants to make a difference.

Taking into account the learning difficulties of students as well as the problems faced by underprivileged students who may have missed out on the essential basics of their education (such as learning how to read and write). Gordon Road Girls’ School has proposed that a learner’s Support Centre be built on the school’s campus.

This centre will aim to provide the vital support for children who need it without having to remove them from normal schooling - at no extra cost to parents and families in need.

The Learners’ Centre nestles in a quiet and shady spot on the north end of the campus, slightly removed from the busy main playground.

Solid walls on the north turn their back to the industrial
buildings on the neighbouring site and the transparent south facade exposes the brightly coloured interior to the campus.

The building’s spatial concept is one of a single volume containing various inter-connected spaces which provides a sense of overall inclusion as opposed to isolation. This sense of inclusion extends to a the greater school community.

These interconnected facilities are:
• Teaching spaces
• Library and reading area
• Arts and crafts space
• Movement therapy
• Audio therapy
• Visual therapy
• Counselling
• Reference facilities
• Role-playing area
• Domestic skills kitchen
• Staff office

A planned labyrinth will occupy the open space adjacent to the Centre, providing a path of meditative self reflection.

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