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ARCHICAD in the life of a third year student…

I started this year as a third year student at the University of the Freestate not knowing how to work on a CAD program. As three months in the year passed, I was pressured to be able to work on some sort of program. I had the choice between Revit and ARCHICAD, with advice from Kobus Spangenberg I was convinced to go with ARCHICAD.


I started in March with my first project on ARCHICAD with help from Kobus Spangenberg, I learned really quickly. I modelled a four story building within a week, with some frustrations of course. But I always say, with all things you do for the first time you must be prepared to fall and get up again.


My second project was the PG Bison Design competition. I waited like with all my projects until the last moment and with some miracle I managed to pull a 3D model together within two days. I ended up coming 3rd overall in the competition. At the finals function in Johannesburg I realised that out of all the top 10 candidates I was the only one that worked on ARCHICAD. The people couldn’t believe that the renders were done with ARCHICAD’s CineRender.


After the first two projects and more training from Kobus Spangenberg I could really run through my work with ARCHICAD. I also came 2nd in the Bloem build CAD challenge and did two more projects on ARCHICAD after the PG Bison competition where I could grow even more in my skills.


So I conclude by thanking Graphisoft for creating such an amazing program, ARCHICAD. It has a real professional look to it and there’s a sort of freedom when designing on it. The upgrades done to the new ARCHICAD 19 is great and it makes the program so much easier and faster.