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ARCHICAD exhibition at Construction IT Event 2016

Company name:                               Graphisoft SA

Project name:                    Construction IT 2016

Project size:                                        27sqm

Project date:                                      10 - 11 May 2016

Project location:                               Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Johannesburg

Project type:                                      Exhibition Stand

ArchiCAD Project type:  Solo Project

(Solo, Teamwork, BIMx, Hotlink Modules)

ArchiCAD version started:            ARCHICAD 19

ArchiCAD version ended:              ARCHICAD 19



General project description:

As the Gold sponsors of Africa’s first BIM Construction IT Summit and Expo held at the Gallagher Estate in Midrand, Johannesburg, on the 10th -11th of May 2016. We were assigned largest and prime exhibition space at the conference, which was only fitting since ARCHICAD is the premium BIM authoring solution available in the market. With prime space and location given to Graphisoft SA, it was now up to your every friendly and reliable Technical Support Team to come up with a design for our stand. Our stand was crowned the best built and best design stand at the IT by the event organisers (unofficially).


How many people worked on project?

We had a team of 3 people working and sharing their ideas for the stand.


Architectural work phases:

Conceptual Design

Design Development


What other software was involved in developing this project in your office?

We opted to only use ARCHICAD on this project. 


Why was the decision made to switch or further develop the project to ArchiCAD?

We were dealt with a very short deadline, we had to submit the drawings, have them approved, and then sent out for construction and printing. We fealt that ARCHICAD offered a more streamlined workflow that would enable us to complete this in the time we were given.


What ArchiCAD tools were used to design your project?

Morph for conceptual

Structural Steal objects

Doors, Wall, and Slabs


What would you change or do better next time?

The rendered images given enough time, but we are proud of the quality renders we were able to in that time. All thanks to the preset render scene’s on offer in ARCHICAD as defaults.