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Connect ARCHICAD License

Date: Friday, June 10, 2016

With ARCHICAD 19 we introduced a new option which allows the users to connect their personal GRAPHISOFT ID  to their GRAPHISOFT ID company based on the protection key running ARCHICAD.

Once the personal GRAPHISOFT ID is connected, users can access SSA-exclusive web pages.

Later we will also use GRAPHISOFT ID to log into Help Center.


                • Open the ARCHICAD/License Information dialog (Help > Licence Information…) and click on the Connect ARCHICAD License… button.

• Sign in

• Create Company Account

(In case the Company hasn’t been created yet.)

Enter the Company name and click on Accept.

                • Join the Company Account

(In case the Company already exists.)

After clicking on the Join Company Account users will be signed out.

Once the GRAPHISOFT ID is connected to the GRAPHISOFT ID Company, the ARCHICAD automatically recognises at the next sign in.


For more information view this video: