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Smart-XA tool suite AC19 and AC18 updates

Date: Thursday, April 14, 2016

The latest updates for the smart-XA tool suite AC19 and AC18 have been made available on Google Drive.


Ensure that you are working on the latest updated version: Archicad (V19.4) and ArchiCAD 18 (v7.2)

•             ARCHICAD 19 = v19.4

•             ARCHICAD 18 = v7.2


In the latest update our developers have fixed:

•             Compatibility issues

•             licensing

•             as well as a performance update


The update has been uploaded onto Google Drive, on the 13th April. 2015.

Clients who have added/ synchronised their Google Drives with that of the shared folder from Smart-XA, your changes have been effected automatically. For users still looking at getting their hands on the latest tools suite can follow the Smart-XATM tool suite: