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SA TEMPLATE Level 1 – 3 information

Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Level 1: Turn your BIM model into a BEM model

Improve your building performance by apply updated, local, quality materials within your workflow.

Know your building’s performance from its conceptual phase, improve on its Carbon footprint by choosing and assigning the best materials along with their performance values. All from within ArchiCAD.

Like most of ArchiCAD’s tools and elements, the Materials Catalogue offers limitless possibilities for deemed to satisfy, rational Design as well as a Green approach. TotalCAD Solution Centre sought an investigation into these Material catalogues, for the greater purpose for the people in South Africa, SADC nations and the world. To try and improve the designs and workflows of our ArchiCAD users, we felt that the catalogues should be made available within the software.

Users will be able to search for materials based on the SANS or Manufacturer publications and regulations.

Learn more about the SA Template, Building Materials, Catalogues.

Data source provision by bim.local

The introduction of the platform offers a great opportunity for openBIM workflow as a whole in South Africa. This platform offers manufactures and suppliers a secure online platform to store and align their data. This will enhance your architectural workflow through aligning actual products. The starting point, is to simply request data from the South African manufactures.

DATA SOURCE PROVISION: Where does the data come from?

Your workflow effectively is in your OWN hands. The more you ask manufacturers for their information, the more will be available to YOU.

Where to request Manufacturer DATA?

There are a number of channels to request information:

  1. Direct with the manufacturer
  2. Specification houses
  3. TotalCAD’s BIM Central

Level 2: MVO type area calculator

The TotalCAD / alignment has ensured that all SSA users have access to a unique CONTROL PANEL. All aligned solutions will be indicated when you select your SSA alignment in the dropdown menu. Additional functionality to of you additional control and ARCHICAD functionality currently includes:

South African specific project information now has a place in your workflow. This baseline information will inform your decision making through the connection to our customised workflow solutions.

The bim area schedule solution offers you project workflow aligned to this information, along with your model input. One can now quickly track and evaluate the area opportunities and constraints of your site.

Level 3: Window tool

As Architects, identified the need a local Window solution that offers quick selection of actual products from the South African market, along with a fully customisable workflow. We have ensured that this solution offers you all the functionality that we expect from an intelligent ARCHICAD product.

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