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ArchiCAD 19 New Features - Open BIM

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.15.23 AMPoint Cloud

Renovation of old existing buildings could be a time consuming task, especially when we have to re-draw existing and later alter to add and remove elements. 3D scanners usually create a Three Dimensional Coordinate system that can ease Renovation workflow when imported into ArchiCAD, they bring accurate 3D points of existing buildings. Set of Data points in this coordinate system is called Point Cloud.

ArchiCAD 19 supports common file formats of Point Cloud .xyz and .e57 files, Now we can import Point Cloud with a new ArchiCAD 19 File menu, File > File Special > Import Point Clouds..., Imported Point Cloud brings every detail of a building like ornaments in case of Historical buildings and this can be used to trace an existing building or enhance surroundings of a newly drawn model in ArchiCAD 19.


The image below is the resulting Trace and reference of the imported Point Cloud file in ArchiCAD 19, click on the image for full preview.



Because Point Cloud brings real 3D coordinates of an existing environment, there is not much need to measure while re-drawing, using Point Cloud as an aid for creating a model in ArchiCAD 19 is just as accurate.


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