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License Borrowing - Security Measures

Date: Monday, March 23, 2015

Borrow License feature allows users to temporarily borrow ArchiCAD License from a net key. This feature is very delicate and requires users to control the key carefully, it has a security feature which may prevent borrowing for a limited time.

The security feature is called Borrow Dummy, it is introduced to prevent multiplication of licenses and once Borrow Dummies appear in a borrow net key they will prevent individual users to borrow licenses for a specific period of time.


To prevent Borrow Dummies from taking over the borrow licenses, make sure not to:

  • Restart the Server (Where Key is plugged in),
  • Unplug the Key or
  • Restart the CM Service while there are borrowed licenses.

Before any of the above-mentioned are performed ensure that all the licenses are returned or the plague of the Borrow Dummies might distract the usual workflow.