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BIMx Hyper-Model

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015

BIMx-1024-AppstoreArtwork1BIMx is an app introduced for BIM projects viewing and navigation, BIMx models are saved-out for members of the Building Team viz Clients, contractors, Structural engineers etc. this makes it very easy and convenient for Architects or ArchiCAD users to communicate with either ArchiCAD or non ArchiCAD users team members to view and navigate a model design, a free easy to use app to view and navigate BIMx models is available for Desktops, Mobile platforms, Androids etc. One does not need ArchiCAD or BIMx license to view and navigate a .bimx model

Get a free BIMx Desktop Viewer here

Since the release of ArchiCAD version 17 and later, BIMx now features BIMx Hyper-Model. It intergrades 2D information, unlike a normal BIMx file, the BIMx Hyper Model provides more options on viewing and navigating the BIM project. One also gets to see the full 2D documentation e.g. Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections etc depending on which Documents were saved out as Hyper Links. This can highly reduce inconsistencies in the Build Environment considering that it is a highly collaborative process. 3D & 2D go hand in hand with this app hence information can easily be compared providing a better understanding between 2D and 3D. In comparison to other various sources of information used by Architects like hard copies and other electronic architectural information like PDF's, the BIMx Hyper Model Stays Live with the ArchiCAD project file, which makes it easier to make changes if need be.

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Saving out the BIMx Hyper Model

We are going to discuss two ways of saving the BIMx Hyper Model

  • Through the ArchiCAD File Menu
  • Through the Publisher Set
  1. BIMx Hyper Model through ArchiCAD File Menu.

After completion of 3D model and 2D documentations of the project. Go to File > Publish BIMx Hyper Model..., if you clicked this menu while in 2D view you will be notified that the publisher set will use the 3D Window Content. Click Open 3D and Continue button.


After clicking the Open 3D and Continue button, the next Pop up dialog box will provide various options to save out the Hyper Model, either upload to the BIMx Cloud or Save on your local machine, Renaming the Project, How much content of 3D to Save and which Layouts to output. See image below.

Publishing Methods

NB: BIMx Hyper Model was released after ArchiCAD 17 launch therefore ArchiCAD 17 users should ensure that both Hotfix 2 and 3 are installed

2. BIMx Hyper Model through the Publisher Sets

When 3D and 2D documentation are complete, open the Organizer from the Navigator. On the left panel of the organizer show the Layout book and on the right panel show the Publisher Set.

Organizer3 2

Create a new Publisher Set and name it. Then select the newly created Publisher Set and click the Publishing Properties button. In the Publisher Set Properties dialog click the down arrow of the Publishing Method menu and select Upload BIMx Hyper Model. Details shown in figure below.


When the BIMx Hyper Model Publisher set is done select it and Drag desired Layouts and 3D onto it. You will realize that the Dragged Layouts and 3D will automatically change the format to BIMx Hyper Model.


If the Hyper Model is saved into the Local machine, one can send it to the client through e-mail or Drop box depending on the size of the file. But if uploaded to BIMx cloud, it can either be Private or Public. If Public it can easily be searched from the cloud and if made Private you can send the link and the password to the recipient to download the file.

The link to BIMx Cloud is, here you can open an account to be able to load the Hyper Model to the BIMx cloud.

NB: The Hyper linked Layouts can only be viewed by Mobile devices, the Desktop Viewer can only view the Model.

Benefits of BIMx and BIMx Hyper Model

Sharing Model With A Client: In most cases clients are more concerned with the aesthetics part of the Architectural project, Sharing an ArchiCAD model is made very easy through the use of BIMx and can be viewed by a free BIMx viewer for mobile devices or Desktops.

Construction Builders: Since Documentation can now be hyper linked to BIMx models, Contractors and builders can receive the whole documentation drawings and 3D model which must be viewed by mobile devices and in turn drawing Updates can easily be made since the BIMx Hyper Model stays live with ArchiCAD project. To have full access to to BIMx Hyper Model 3D and 2D info we need BIMx Pro, available on Apple App Store and Google Play

Structural Engineers: As discussed above, when saving out Screen_Shot_2015-03-05_at_10_53_48_AMBIMx Hyper Model. We have options of which 3D info, Layouts etc to save and one of the options is that we can Save only Structural elements of the 3D Model as BIMx Hyper Model which goes further to say even Layouts can be controlled in that manner.