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ArchiCAD Renovation Tool

Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MenuLately many Build Environment Projects seem to emanate from Extensions and Demolitions of Existing buildings, hence the need for tools that will ease the management of such newly incorporated and demolished elements, either in design or construction. Particularly for Architects, ArchiCAD introduced the Renovation Tool, this was in version 15. Even though we are versions away from 15 now! The Renovation Tool has proven to be very useful in helping Designers and Builders easily identify elements in Renovation projects. To access this menu go to Document > Renovation > Renovation Filter Options....

StatusFirstly, to identify elements as either Existing, Demolished or New, we can assign them in the default settings dialog (a short-cut is a Renovation Palette). a typical example would be a wall. In the Wall's settings dialog under Tags and Categories Menu there is a Renovation field where the status of an element can be assigned.

Color to distinguish Renovation Elements

OverideRenovation Tool allows the user to identify different Renovation project elements by distinguishing them with different colors without having to change the default or assigned model surfaces of elements, for example, existing, demolished and new elements can each have their own distinctive color. Default colors are already assigned for each Renovation Filter but they can be Overridden according to Users preferences. Floor Plans and Sections also are affected by Renovation Filter changes.

Demo & New

Elements Visibility

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.45.53 AMBesides being able to distinguish elements of different Renovation status with different colors, the Renovation Filter also controls the visibility of this elements. No Layer combos required, Renovation Filters can be set to show any desired status without affecting any Layer status. Check the figure below, Renovation Filter can make visible any Renovation combination preferred by the user while still keeping the color assigned for each renovation element, This option in turn becomes very useful for all members of the Building Team. For instance, a builder ready to demolish certain parts of a building or a quantity surveyor creating quantity takeoffs, Its easy to identify Existing Elements, To be demolished etc.


Renovation Tool is very useful for we can avoid creating unnecessary Layer Combos, Layers, Element surfaces dedicated for Renovated elements in a project. and this could lead to many advantages in ArchiCAD, one being performance. eliminating unnecessary creation of new Layers, Layer combos, surface etc, can considerably reduce ArchiCAD project file size.

Renovation Filter settings do not necessarily need to be created anew the whole time, they can be exported and imported in between projects