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OWN IT! Reasons to change to ArchiCAD in 2015

Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Welcome to 2015!  To start the year off, we at TotalCAD Solution Centre bring you our OWN IT! promotion! Now you can purchase your ArchiCAD licence and own it rather than having your favourite BIM application switched off if you can't pay your monthly subscription.

  • once-off payment with choice of SSA
  • reduced pricing
  • no contractual obligations
  • no commitment
  • You have full ownership and may upgrade or sign SSA at your discretion.

Reasons to own your own:

  • ArchiCAD is sold as a stand-alone Licence which means a once-off payment for your licence
  • “Owned” licensing not just subscription licensing - The client has full ownership of the licence and their licence will not be switched off.
  • SANS XA Compliance - Fenestration, Lighting, Wall and Roof issues dealt with inside the program… no need for external calculators.
  • CPD accredited Training courses and workshops hosted around South Africa throughout the year for skilled training by accredited professionals
  • Interchange files with anyone with ArchiCAD’s IFC based platform
  • Staff and Job Placement available - Use the vacancies tab on for the latest vacancies in ArchiCAD companies around the SADC region.
  • Rendering capability with CineRender, a Cinema 4D rendering engine built inside ArchiCAD

Terms & Conditions

  • No Coupons with sale (only SSA coupons will be issued if signed with SSA)
  • If not signed with SSA:
    • No free upgrade will be given
    • No Dongle replacement
    • Paid technical support applies