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Straight From The Masterclass - Tip 4 - Layer Combinations

Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I have come across some ArchiCAD users who would create copies of the same floor plan on the same floor view to create different Architectural Drawings, e.g. insert Electrical symbols on one plan and dimensions on the other. Whereas only one plan is needed and toggling of layers to control elements visibility.

This is a part where Layer combinations play a very crucial role as a solution in ArchiCAD to control visibility of elements for each suited view.

A Typical example, a small simple house floor plan with both Dimensions and Electrical symbols displayed on the same view; You may download ArchiCAD 18 .pln file here for your practice.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.43.01 PM

From the above figure you will realize that some Dimension text and Electrical  symbols overlap which might cause a disruption when trying to read the information of the other, now to isolate the two views (Dimensions and Electrical) We need to set appropriate Layer combinations.

To set the Layer combos, first we need to know the layers Electrical Symbols and Dimensions are allocated to. In this case Electrical symbols are allocated to the Layer - Electrical Symbols and Dimensions to a default Layer - Dimensioning General


We are going to create our new layer combinations in addition to the default provided with ArchiCAD. Now go to Document > Layers > Layer Settings (Model Views).... On the upcoming dialog Click new button on the bottom left corner and name the combination Electrical Test and Click OK. Hit new again and name the combination Dimension Test and click OK.


The next step is to select the newly created Layer Combination - Dimension Test, and on your right click the eye next to the Layer - Electrical Symbol to deactivate it. Then click Update button under the Layer combination Field on your left at the bottom.


Select the second Layer combination Electrical Test and follow the steps outlined above, but this time on your right, deactivate the Layer Dimensioning - General and update. Click Ok on the right bottom corner.

We now have Electrical and Dimensioned floor plan views. To access this views, go to Document > Layers > Electrical Test/Dimension Test, your views will be displayed accordingly and neatly.