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DWG Export Via ArchiCAD "Model Space"

Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Exporting a DWG view from ArchiCAD is fairly an easy task, in a Translation setup there is a number of settings we can use to achieve a desired interpretation of the output of the DWG file. In this article I would like to focus on the Save Options setting, it has a number of "sub-sets" but the main focus will be in particular the sub-set Save Layout Into > Model Space.
The reason I would like to focus on this set (Model Space) is because unlike its counterparts paper-spaces'..., as shown on the screenshot above, the Model Space can be a bit tricky in terms of output scale. For example, if you were to save/publish DWG from paper-space..., and import it back to ArchiCAD, it will retain the scale it was published with. But Model space will not retain any of the predefined scales in ArchiCAD. It shrinks see screenshot below and find video here.
Therefore, to correctly scale the Model Space when importing into ArchiCAD we have to define a value of a drawing unit, for instance in the Attach Xref dialogue box, in the scale field we can type in 100 for both X and Y directions if Model Space DWG was exported in a scale of 1:100 but 50 for both X and Y directions if the export scale was 1:50. I believe this procedure would apply for AutoCAD too when importing Model Space DWG from ArchiCAD? Find video here.
But we still can export DWG from Model Space with custom units set for the export to retain the views defined scale before exporting. To achieve this, in the Translator Settings under Drawing Unit sub sets, click down arrow and select custom scale. Type in 1:100 for appropriate scale and export, upon import this view will now be scaled accordingly. Find Video here.
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