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ArchiCAD May Freeze On Windows Platforms

Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ArchiCAD has shown several signs of freezing in windows platforms, this issue may be caused by a number of technical problems, for instance, doing a render on a background while working on a floor plan view, large number of polygons on a detail etc. All compatible versions of ArchiCAD may be affected.

List Of Issue and Possible causes:

  • More than one task on ArchiCAD may require excessive usage of RAM, this may lead to freezing. It turns out that a possible cause could be nVidia GeForce an application related to nVidia Graphic Card. Read Graphisoft article here
  • Not meeting recommended system requirements: check here

ArchiCAD 18 specific freezing technical issues

  • Render and surface settings dialogue box might be slow and this is planned to be fixed in the next update.__62376
  • Complex Profiles may contain a large number of polygons due to a large scale, revert to a recommended scale of 1:50

For more details of the above mentioned issues please visit the following link: