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ArchiCAD Masterclass' now with beginner and advanced modules

Date: Thursday, October 9, 2014

ArchiCAD Masterclass...

We will be providing a ArchiCAD Masterclass ranging from  Absolute Beginner to Advanced user training. During the 2, 5 day modules, trainees will be doing a real office workflow simulation including topics such as Teamwork, Revision, IFC, Smart Tools, Rendering & more scenario's to get their ArchiCAD skill level to a maximum.
The MasterClass series is presented in two modules, a beginner (from level 1-3) and an intermediate (from level 3-5). Anyone is welcome to register for the beginner class, the intermediate class registration is limited to attendees who pass a pre-entry screening.
This full MasterClass series will prepare you for RegCON training acceptance level .
Real Office Simulation: Trainees will spend part of each 5 day module, in an office simulation, learning how to solve real issues that arrise in an architectural office & solving them on the spot. This experiance provides the trainee with the knowledge on how to solve current or future issues in the office environment.
fig10small-2 copyFrom project set-up, beginner topics to project collaboration, expert topics. The training will touch on everything ArchiCAD has to offer including tips to ease your workflow.
Use the events tab on BIMcentral to find a MasterClass event near you and book your seat.