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"bim bakery" congratulates "Swartland" on being the first...

Date: Friday, May 30, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.36.07 AMGRAPHISOFT SA joins bim bakery™ in congratulating Swartland Boudienste, on being the first South African manufacturer or supplier, who have developed a truly parametric and localised ArchiCAD object library for their door and window product range, with full support for Smart XA calculations and forward compatibility. The Swartland web portal for download and Updates of these objects will go live at the beginning of June 2014 - a link to the portal will be posted on 2/6/2014.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.58.04 PMDo you want more RSA manufacturers to create BIM objects for you to use? If so, ad your voice by completing this short survey.

What does the Swartland ArchiCAD object library offer? Let's review a few screenshots of it's functionality:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.05.01 AMFiling:

The object library offers very simple and ordered filing within your ArchiCAD workspace. Both in filing hierarchy and in the organisation of the object content within the various range folders. Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 8.24.49 AMHere you can see that there are NOT 100's or even 1000's of objects within each folder, rather very few main objects, which are parametric to allow the vast numbers of product permutations to be realised. It makes searching and especially updating, large project library management, etc. much easier for the user.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.12.12 AMParametric:

Each fully parametric object, allows the user to precisely select a catalogue object in accordance with Swartland's product range. Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.17.14 AMThis selection is quick, as the user simply identifies the range folder and the object type, followed by product choices from the intelligent pop up menus. Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.20.31 AMNo scanning through large library folders. After the catalogue object is selected, the parametric object is populated automatically with the particular catalogue object's information, such as energy performance data. Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.20.40 AMIf further options are available for the object, the user is able to make these selections, such as door or window pane style, glass type (real SA glass), door swing orientation if project placement is not sufficient, specific unit size when multiple options exist, frame type, etc. Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.20.56 AMAll standard ArchiCAD functionality for doors and windows is supported, e.g.. framing, material choices, rebates, headers, etc. Importantly, such choices are constrained if in conflict with the catalogue object.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.17.40 AMSANS:

In terms of SANS compliance calculations, the objects offer relevant inputs. This allows the user to fully control the object's specification process from within the object, which allows design decision making and consistency when SANS compliance is calculated with Smart XA and scheduling for submission follows later. Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.28.27 AMThere is therefor no disconnection between the objects, the building design model and the submission schedules.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.17.04 PM

We recommend that all ArchiCAD users in SA download the Swartland object library as soon as it is available and use it in conjunction with the Smart XA tools for SANS compliance calculations.