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Would Structural Engineers use ArchiCAD?

Date: Saturday, May 24, 2014

This question has been raised repeatedly lately, alongside the question of Mechanical Engineers doing same? The natural reaction would be: "No, ArchiCAD is for Architects!" There may however be more to consider, let us review a post from GRAPHISOFT US' blog.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 12.53.49 PMThe blog post, titled: "
Those Structural Engineers using ArchiCAD showed up in San Diego" speaks of Riverstone Structural Concepts,who are using ArchiCAD to generate their details: "...They are using 3D Documents derived from fully modeled junctions to show all (or at least most) of their details..." They are however using ArchiCAD for reasons beyond drawing production, one of their main reasons for using ArchiCAD is: "...get Patrick talking about the value of ArchiCAD and you’ll be in for a treat. He finds ArchiCAD a powerful tool for documentation and modeling, but there’s one aspect he seems to love more than everything else. In fact, it seemed like that’s all he wanted to talk about! What part of ArchiCAD? Teamwork 2..." Read the full article here.
Thank you to Jared Banks, GRAPHISOFT US