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Graphisoft SA Client Newsletter 2013

Date: Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another eventful year has come to an end here at Graphisoft SA and we would like to thank all our clients, resellers, service providers and students for being with us through the many changes in the GSSA structure. There’s a lot to look forward to in the New Year:

  • invite4ArchiCAD Retreat 2014

As the biggest SADC ArchiCAD event of the year, we’re looking forward to hosting the CEO of Graphisoft, Viktor Varkonyi, who will be joining us at the Retreat as our Keynote Speaker; our Clients, Resellers and Service providers at Irene Country Lodge in Gauteng. We’ve got 12 hours of accredited training and additional training, workshops and testing and certification in 6 levels. Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 3.58.14 PM

  • The Smart Tools Suite

The launch of Smart Tools in March 2014 is already causing great excitement for ArchiCAD users all over the SADC region.  Along with Shawn Hopkins and Alister Reid, Graphisoft SA will be releasing the Smart-XA Fenestration tool in March 2014.

  • The Building Materials Catalogue

We are currently compiling a localised content version that is based on the SANS worst case scenarios.  We will be continuing with our efforts with South African Manufacturers in order to create available ArchiCAD objects.

  • Changes at Graphisoft SA

The business structure of Graphisoft has changed somewhat over the last year.  All end-users will be serviced by resellers and service providers across the SADC region.  We also have a dedicated Technical Support team as well as online support.  Please check the Blog for more information on SA and SADC Resellers and Service providers in your region.

  • Educational Programme for 2014/2015

The Graphisoft SA Educational Internship programme for next year has begun and we're looking forward to working with the institutions that have signed on for the programme. We wish all our clients a happy Festive season and a prosperous New Year!