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SANS XA evaluation tools to be bundled in ArchiCAD for SADC SSA

Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.02.41 PMGRAPHISOFT SA are proud to announce the bundling of certain SANS XA compliance evaluation tools, for all ArchiCAD SADC SSA clients in 2014.

The bundling of these evaluation tools, is specifically aimed at live, work flow interactive evaluation of design and documentation models, ie. the operator does not have to export any data, run any other software, or add any data that is not required by the design and documentation process. These evaluation tools will give the operator ongoing feedback, showing whether the model is compliant or not compliant. If the model is compliant, the tools will allow the generation of data tables, suitable for local authority submission, making compliant submissions a simple task.

A series of 4 tools will be part of this bundle (FREE TO ArchiCAD SADC SSA clients in 2014), the first of which, is aimed at fenestration.

The tools themselves, known as the Smart-XA tools, have been created, by the very first SADC based, ArchiCAD Add-on development company known to us, called Smart Tools, this is very good News for ArchiCAD users in SADC, as the combination of local condition knowledge and ArchiCAD expertise of Smart Tools, should see further development on many useful SADC centric ArchiCAD tools.

For a brief introduction to the first tool, see Smart-XA tools.

ArchiCAD SADC SSA users, will shortly be contacted directly by their resellers, with an invitation to participate in an online introduction of the full functionality of the fenestration tool, please keep an eye out for your invitation!