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Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: Tips for Better Intersections in Migrated Projects

Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If you have migrated your project to ArchiCAD 17 and wish to use the new Junctions logic on your older-version model, use the following techniques and features to optimize your model intersections.

Define Wall/Slab Core as the Reference Line/Plane

Place the Slab reference plane at the top of the core.

Place the Wall reference line along the Wall core (outside or inside).

As of ArchiCAD 17, you can choose to assign a Slab’s reference plane, or a Wall’s reference line, to run along the element core, in addition to its faces.

This way, when you edit the Wall or Slab (e.g. add skins or change the thickness), the Wall/Slab core connections remain constant, and the elements’ positions relative to their reference line remain unchanged.

Adjust Elements to Slabs

Use this function (Edit > Reshape > Adjust Elements to Slabs) to easily adjust elements (Walls, Columns, or horizontal Beams) to specific levels of one or more Slabs that are located above and/or below them.

Suppose you are migrating an older-version ArchiCAD file in which the Wall bases are placed on the tops of Slab. As of ArchiCAD 17, the Walls can extend past the Slab’s finish level to its core, which is what you want. To speed up this process, select multiple Walls and then use the Adjust Elements to Slabs command to extend them all to the Slab core with a single click.

The intersections will now clean up nicely, provided that your Building Materials are consistent. The element (or skin) with the higher-priority Building Material will cut the one of a lower priority.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 12.13.38 PM

Link Wall Tops to Story Above

As of ArchiCAD 17, you can link the tops of Walls, Columns and Zones to a story (not just the bottoms of elements, as in previous versions). Use this feature to ensure that these elements stay properly connected to the structure or ceiling above them even after you edit story heights.

Let the Cursor Help You

When you work with composite elements, the cursor can snap to each separate skin and component in all model views, including 3D. The elements’ reference planes are also displayed in the 3D window. This way you can make sure that you are aligning elements correctly to the core of other elements.