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Migrating to ArchiCAD 17: What to Do About Attributes in a Migrated Project 2

Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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After Migration

Remove Unnecessary Attributes (Again)

  • Review the Building Materials in Building Material Settings to determine which can be deleted and replaced with another (See below for Workflow Tips for Reducing Generated Attributes)
  • If you need Building Materials that are not part of the generated set, you can easily add them from another ArchiCAD 17 project via Attribute Manager or directly create them (click New) within Building Material Settings.
  • Eliminate Duplicate Cut Fills: Many older-version projects contain multiple Cut Fills that use identical cut fill patterns; these duplicates were necessary to differentiate them by their other properties (e.g. Thermal Properties). In ArchiCAD 17, a single Cut Fill pattern can be associated to many Building Materials: check your list of Cut Fills to eliminate unnecessary duplicates.


Review and Modify Names of Building Materials

Review and modify Building Material names as needed (a Building Material will inherit its name from the Cut Fill).

Note: It is recommended that you do not change Building Material names in files that are to be used as or with hotlinks, until all of the participating files have been migrated. Such name changes should be made before the hotlinks are updated. See Recommendations for Hotlinked Files.

Workflow Tips for Reducing Generated Attributes

  • -  Use the new Delete and Replace feature (available after clicking Delete) within Attribute Settings: define which attribute should replace it throughout your model (available for Building Materials, Line Types, Fill Types, Composites, Profiles, Surfaces, Zone Categories)
  • -  Use Find & Select to search for model elements with certain Attributes within the Project (it is recommend to use the 3D window, and to turn on and unlock all layers, and adjust the Filter Elements in 3D settings, to make sure all 3D elements are visible and will be found)
  • -  Use the Interactive Schedule to find and list elements within the Project to easily modify them directly, using the Interactive Schedule environment.